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We welcome you to the page dedicated to the staff of the Villa Garzoni Restaurant chaired by Chef Iacopo Vannini.


What we would like to communicate with you on this page, is the spirit of the team and how the attention to particulars, details and every specifics can make the difference.


We have also dedicated a part of the page to our suppliers, whom we have affectionately called and renamed "partner". We want to show you the products we use and what we believe in the highest quality from the kitchen, to the dining room right down to the smallest details.

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Alessia Ercolini

Master of Ceremonies

"I deal with the most beautiful field of the world. Marriage is a union of life, of feelings of emotions that I cannot live in a detached way. I dive myself in every wedding to find the perfect organization and build the dress around the bride and groom "

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Iacopo Vannini

Executive Chef

"The importance of food and eating well is the basis of our work. Even more satisfying the various needs of gluten free, vegan and intolerance cuisine.

Having the kitchen of a high-level restaurant for the most important day of life is the basis for satisfying everything."

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Andrea Anzilotti

Master of House

"Our hospitality is synonymous with home and for your wedding I will do everything possible to make you feel at ease, taking care of every detail of your event and making it unique together with my staff."

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Francesco Buonamici


"Choosing a wine is like choosing your travel companion. And on this trip I will accompany you throughout the event with care and grace you will be served and your glasses will always be ready to .... A toast for the newlyweds!"


Our Partners

Cambro: trusted for generations.

Cambro is one of the best known and recognized brands by professionals in the sector. It is an indispensable brand for all those chains that must guarantee national and international standards, for all those who need to store, transport, distribute both food and dishes and for all those who want to optimize costs.

It was born in 1951 with the aim of creating a tray for the delivery of meals to the hospital. Today, with 65 years of leadership in all sectors of collective catering, it continues its project of innovation and development of new products and new markets.

Agnelli Professional Cookware

From the historical site of the early 1900s in via Fantoni in the center of Bergamo, to the modern factory of today in Lallio (in the province of Bergamo), time has passed and the road has been covered, but the atmosphere you breathe is always the same: industriousness, commitment, absolute search for quality and perfection in the smallest detail, the ability to respond to chefs' requests and the awareness that the beating heart of a winning company is not buildings or machines, but the desire , the common will and effort of those who work within it.


Our disches

Steelite: a passion to inspire

The Steelite brand is the result of a passion born in 1939 and which has led the company to become a world leader in the production of vitrified porcelain tableware today.

In the Stock-On-Trent production site, modern and technologically advanced, ever new collections are born, unique, perfect and design pieces, which manage to create new trends. Steelite branded vitrified porcelain products are the only ones guaranteed for life against chipping thanks to the special "Made For Life" guarantee.

"A Passion To Inspire" is the motto on which Steelite's work is based, which encompasses the fundamental values of the company. Passion, creativity, the search for quality and attention to detail have made Steelite today the primary choice of all professionals in the Hospitality sector.

Revol: Cook your style

Founded in 1768 Revol is one of the oldest porcelain companies in Europe and perhaps the one with the greatest tradition. The particular black cast iron finish has made Revol a recognized and appreciated brand worldwide and its exclusive products reflect the high technical and aesthetic standards achieved by the company. The unmistakable black clay that characterizes the Basalt Line, the emblematic Froissé cup, the exclusive design of the Arborescence line, the elegance of the colors of the Equinoxe range are all creations handmade by over 200 talented craftsmen in the Saint factory -Uze, in the heart of the Drôme in France.

Despite 250 years having passed since its foundation, Revol is still motivated by the same values ​​and by the same project of that time. The careful work, humility and audacity continue to make Revol one of the best porcelain producers in the world, a company where passionate men and women aim to transmit their love for craftsmanship and to prolong this exceptional story, which is above all theirs.

The cutlery


The goldsmith's art is an ancient and difficult art, which requires skill and precision, but above all love.

And it is precisely for the sake of work that Gaetano Broggi, the last heir of a family of artisans expert in the art of gilding and silvering metals, opened his first workshop in Milan, in 1818.

Silver cutlery, pottery and sacred objects, whose fame came directly to the royal court of Turin.

There are the old stories of Milan that tell of his daring journey in diligence between bellows, cauldrons and metals, in a time of long and certainly not comfortable transport.

Read more: https://broggi.it

Our glasses

RONA: 5 Star glass

Rona was founded in 1892 in the Slovak Republic, a region where glassworking traditionally was born and flourished already in the Bronze Age thanks to the abundance of raw materials. RONA has always used modern and avant-garde technologies that have made it a leader in the production of crystalline glass, just think of the pressed down technique used during the Austro-Hungarian monarchy.

It was then the first glass manufacturer in the world to introduce "blow-blow" technology for the commercial production of straight-stemmed glasses almost 20 years ago. Thanks to this innovation and the introduction of laser edge treatment, RONA has raised the production of the lens for professional use to a new level. RONA is one of the few glass factories in the world that still maintains and cultivates the ancient and rare art of manual production of mouth-blown crystalline glass, while managing to offer a very contemporary and innovative range of blown products that supports and enriches standard production.

Scopri di più: https://broggi.it

Our waters

Acqua Panna: #tuscanessence


Living the typical lifestyle of Tuscany does not only mean pursuing an ideal of simplicity, elegance and balance in the artistic-cultural sphere, but also on the tables. Thanks to its organoleptic qualities, Acqua Panna enhances the flavors without prevailing over them.

Acqua Panna, ambassador of gourmet cuisine on the international culinary scene is recognized as a symbol of excellence by the finest palates.

San Pellegrino: "Fine dining lover"

san pellegrino.png

S. Pellegrino water is immediately recognizable thanks to its bubbles, lively, persistent and soft on the palate, and to its slightly savory taste which, balanced in its acidity, gives an overall sensation of freshness that calms thirst.


S.Pellegrino can be drunk during a meal or alone. The typical persistence of its bubbles and its rich mineral composition make it one of the best known mineral waters in the world, ideal for pairing with tasty foods and structured wines, with olfactory complexity and persistent taste.
Discover the essence of S. Pellegrino through the words of Andreas Larsson, Best Sommelier in the World.